Fix Your Chinese Tones


This course is for you if you want to remember the tones, become confident and use tones in the correct way when you speak.

YAAS! Exactly what I've been looking for! 

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Go from tone deaf to speaking at a normal pace and still pronouncing the tones correctly.

The truth: learning Chinese tones requires you to shift how you perceive them.

If you want to improve, you're gonna have to study a bit. But you'll also need a method that works.

Accept tones the way they are actually spoken by native speakers and you'll do better distinguishing between them.

Confidence comes from practicing–the correct way.

You know, the painful TONE DEAF reality where...

You remember the word but not the tone and Chinese people stare at you confused–no matter how many different ways you try.

You say the 2nd tone but it ends up sounding like the 3rd tone. 

You second guess yourself and constantly worry if you sound right. 

Chinese people try and talk to you but pretty much it's all ting bu dong.

You have difficulties distinguishing between the second and third tones.  

As soon as a person doesn't understand you get embarrased and then give up.

THE GOOD NEWS: You still have hope. (You're reading this page right?)

THE-EVEN-BETTER-NEWS: Imagine this. You'll finally be understood. Chinese will compliment your accen't (and mean it). And you won't have to repeat yourself – ALL THE TIME!

Who this is for...

  • Tones are what you need the most help with. 
  • You find it hard to understand Chinese people speaking–even though you "know" the words. 
  • You know you need to get more strategic with how you learn Chinese. You want your progress to last, but you're not totally sure how.
  • You're an absolute beginner at Mandarin.
  • You have some knowledge of Mandarin words, but have a hard time saying the tones correctly.

Who this is not for...

  • You're looking for a Cantonese course.
  • You're not willing to do the work that progress possible. 
  • Psst.... if you've read this far, you probably don't have this problem.
  • You live in China without a reliable VPN to access the course.

Are you ready for Chinese people to start understanding you?

Here's how it works. 

Proven Process The course builds upon Elementary Chinese's very helpful Instagram tone stories.  

Fix Your Chinese Tones Course has over two hours of tones audio practice and quizzes so you can make sure Chinese understand you.  

Study at your own pace. I recommend 15 minutes each day. 

What if the tones course doesn't work for me though?  


If you:  

  • listen to and complete each component of every lesson (the course shows me your progress),
  • complete all exercises on every worksheet (email proof to me)  

and Chinese folks where you live can't understand your Mandarin,  

I will refund your membership.

You ready to finally have fun speaking Chinese?